Have you ever received any kind of gift from a company whether it is from an event, a campaign or a sale that was...

Have you ever received any kind of gift from a company whether it is from an event, a campaign or a sale that was organised by that particular company? Do you still keep that gift with you? Do you remember which company you got the gift from?

Any kind of company who really knows what they’re doing with their corporate gifts would get a “yes” answer out of those questions above from people of the public who have received whatever gift the company has given out before during a particular event. All companies should aim to get a “yes” answer, because when they do, this means that their marketing is successful.

So then, what’s so important about all this? Here are 3 reasons why companies should fully make use of corporate gifts:

  1. Creating brand awareness – The thing all companies want to do when they are just starting out is to create brand awareness; they want to effectively tell everyone out there that they exist and to make their presence known so that people begin taking notice of the company. By giving out gifts freely on different occasions such as goodie bags with the company’s logo, you help create awareness.
  2. Creating a lasting impression – From the gifts given out, depending on the kind of gift, people would be likely to use it or see it from time to time. Thus, it is important to give gifts which have some sort of practical or aesthetic value so that it is worth keeping. Each time the person takes out or uses the gift, he or she would be reminded of your company. This in turn creates memorability towards your company.
  3. Creating mental associations – An effective marketing strategcorporate gifty would be that whenever someone looks at your company’s logo design or message/slogan, that person would automatically associate your company with whatever the company stands for and does. By having your very own customised corporate gifts such as a handy and uniquely designed non-woven bag, when customers use that gift, they would straight away know what your company stands for.

No matter how small the corporate gift is, such as a collar pin or even a lapel pin, putting thought and effort into its design is essential. With that, it would not only be worth keeping, but would help in creating brand awareness, long lasting impressions, and direct mental associations among those who receive it.