6 Reasons for Switching Back to Fountain Pens 6 Reasons for Switching Back to Fountain Pens
You must have noticed, fountain pens never go out of style. And there’s a very good reason for that. Modern fountain pens are easy... 6 Reasons for Switching Back to Fountain Pens

You must have noticed, fountain pens never go out of style. And there’s a very good reason for that. Modern fountain pens are easy to use and have numerous qualities of which students and adults alike can take advantage. They are great if you want to practice cursive writing and they are very comfortable to use. The best thing about fountain pens is that they have a very long life. Some premium quality fountain pens might last longer than you will!

Here are some convincing reasons as to why you must consider using fountain pens even in your daily life.

1- Cursive Writing

People who are in habit of writing cursive cannot live without fountain pens. Have you ever wondered why fountain pens have the ability to write cursive so beautifully? It’s because fountain pens do not write from the end of the nib, instead they write from the bottom. The nib has a split metal point that contacts with the paper and it rests on an iridium ball welded to the nib’s end. Thus, if you’ve always wanted to write cursive, then fountain pens can help do that.

2- Writing Comfortably

Nobody likes to write forcing a pressure on the hand unnecessarily. If you’ve noticed, people who use ballpoints have to grip their pens tightly as they write. This is why people also get tired if they have to write continuously. Their knuckles go white and they have to keep their ballpoints down for a while before continuing to write. But this is not the case with fountain pens. A good fountain pen actually cures your habit to over-grip a pen while writing. It allows you to write in flow and with ease rather than clenching upon it. Moreover, the use of ink in fountain pens reduces friction, making you write comfortably.

3- Long Life

The first ever fountain pen was introduced in 1879. And you would be amazed to know that there are some collectors who have fountain pens from the 1880s and 1890s that still work. The truth is if a fountain pen is well-kept, it can last for a very long time. In fact, modern nibs, made up of gold or stainless steel with a welded iridium tip, are almost impossible to wear out.

4- Value

There are names you must have heard that make some of the finest fountain pens in the world. Mont Blanc, Visconti, and Pelikan make fountain pens that are fancy to buy. It’s because fountain pen have features that make them so valuable. They have a beautiful nib, they are leak-resistant, and their performance is simply flawless.

5- Easily Repaired

Even if by any chance you end up damaging your fountain pen, it’s not that you’ve lost it forever. Your favorite fountain pens are easily repairable and their parts are often interchangeable. This just simply adds a couple of years more to their already long life.

6- Avoid Clutter of Pens

With fountain pens, there’s absolutely no need to keep a jar full of ballpoints or gel pens. A fountain pen doesn’t dry up like gel pens, and it does not go bad before it is used like ballpoints. Moreover, with appropriate color of inks, a fountain pen can take place of a highlighter as well.

People often harbor a fear that fountain pens will leak in their bags and pockets, but the modern fountain pens have exquisite quality. Once this fear is overcome, you will find fountain pens to be a reliable tool that lasts for decades and make writing cursive easier. You can select a fountain pen that suits your style and personality today from Appelboom today!