Recognizing the hard work is one of the best feelings an employee could have. It is one of the main factors why an employee...

Recognizing the hard work is one of the best feelings an employee could have. It is one of the main factors why an employee strives hard for his work. They believe that is the way to strengthen the relationship between an employee and the management.

What is the difference between an incentive and a gift?


These two words may sound to have the same meaning though they may include the similar types of receiver but if we will analyze they may have difference on both plans and reasonable levels. If we say incentive, this depends on employee’s level of performance with agreed conditions such as perfect attendance or good sales performance while a gift is something that they give you for free without any conditions as a sign of appreciation for your work. The gift receiver usually does not have the idea on his working performance in exchange of the reward.

The morals of giving gifts

Know the policy in Singapore. You should be aware if the company has set rules regarding gift giving. Ask the receiver if they are allowed to receive gifts as some companies restricts receiving gifts. Here are some few tips that would help you distinguish the to do’s and not to do’s when you plan to give a gift.

  • There are some companies who have not set rules on receiving gifts, be cautious not to have wrong feelings with a gift. Some gifts may give wrong impression to your receiver that might affect the work relationship in the company.
  • Luxurious gifts such as free holiday trips or cars, this should only be used in strict circumstances. This may be dangerous as it might be justified incorrectly.

Need Corporate Gift Ideas?

Thinking of buying gifts for your gift program? Lacking of corporate gift ideas? Make sure you follow the rules to avoid someone getting fired. Giving gift is not bad, so consider the following conditions.

  • Know the personality of the receiver. Be appropriate in giving gifts.
  • Consider the time. It is better to give gifts during holidays or special occasions.
  • Make sure that your gift looks presentable. Try to spend time on wraps and messages. This can make the recipient feel their value.

For some companies, gifts are used to as a part of their marketing strategy. For some people who agreed and do this in a nice way, giving gifts is the most practical way to build a strong relationship with its valued affiliates.