Glossy papers, attractive pictures, colorful effects. These are some of the qualities of a good brochure. What comes in your mind when you think...

marketing-brochureGlossy papers, attractive pictures, colorful effects. These are some of the qualities of a good brochure. What comes in your mind when you think of a company brochure?  Company brochures are often in a trifold layout or which we call the booklet format. Brochures are essential for business or product promotion in Singapore. It is considered as one of the most important tool that is always helpful in small businesses.

Multi purpose function of brochure

Marketing brochures are known for its ability to inform customers about the company, products or services.  You can see brochures with product information in stores that are always full of customers. It is their way to give people a chance to know some information about the product while waiting on a queue or in a reception area.People sometimes take them home for future reference. Marketers also pass some important information to potential customers through brochures. You can see them giving out brochures on the streets or inside the malls.

Promotional giveaway

Brochures can come perfect with promotional giveaways or kits.  Brochures always include company overview. You can also include giveaways like shirts or bags. Combining brochures with items can attract more customers.


A simple trifold page can give more colors to the customer’s attention with its colorful images and informative content. There is much room that you can include in magazines, newspapers, a letter or a postcard.  Discounts and special offers can also create a big impact on the customer that may result in immediate business. A brochure with company’s complete information such as products, services and contact details could gain a big possibility to promoted to other people.


Producing high quality brochures may cost you a lot, but anyone could make it cost effective by providing practical and accurate information. It can really add value to their businesses. There are brochures that you can purchase in bulk or wholesale that may cost lower than purchasing by item. Attending special occasions or trade shows giving brochures to people can save you more compared on mailing them on the post. In addition to this, advertising your product on radio and television can cost you a lot more. Using brochure is still the cheapest way to promote your business. Always make sure that you use your brochure in a professional way.

Always connect with the reader, be responsible in promoting your products.  A convincing brochure makes huge possibilities with its content.